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 Fast & Specialty Centerless Grinding service in California
KMS will get your order correct and returned timely at a great price!
Capabilities: .030" to 2.8"
Tolerances: +/- .0001
Phone: 530-343-8190

KMS Grinding
2704 Hegan Ln, Ste 154
Chico, California 95928
What is centerless grinding?
Centerless Grinding is a process/service in machining of “material removal” of cylindrical parts to reach precision specifications. These parts are commonly needed in applications where round bar stock is needed at custom specifications (i.e. a part needs to be .495" but is only sold at .500" this is where we grind the part to .495"). The parts are used in many industries ranging from medical equipment to industrial applications to military products.
California Small Business Certified: Cert #62121
Certified with CCR
Registered with SBA
Family Owned and Operated